Press Release

Where Would You Fly?

-Local special needs teen debuts inspiring book of heartwarming tales sprinkled with love and magic-

Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories shares love, joy, and magic from a unique perspective.

Reno, NV (February 2018) — Lillian Darnell is a Nevada(USA)-based teenager with a significant chromosomal disorder. Darnell’s struggles with communicating led her to begin writing at the age of four specifically to put forth the imaginings and words which could not effectively be articulated with the spoken word. Darnell’s writings share a unique perspective of viewing the world with innocence, joy, and love.

“May you always live your life as if it’s your very own fairy tale,” said Darnell. “Laughing is the sunshine of your heart and it is my hope that this book causes you to laugh and be inspired to shine as beautifully as the sun,” she added.

Darnell’s writings are a collection of stories, poems, songs, and adventures written from the age of four to fifteen. Her mom and author, Camilla Downs, organized, contributed to, and edited the writings. Friends and professionals who saw the value of an inspiring book from someone with a chromosome difference donated services including the book’s cover design, editing, interior layout and design.


At the age of three, Darnell was delayed in more than three milestones and was referred for in depth blood testing. She was diagnosed with a condition named 18p-; which means she is missing the short arm of chromosome number 18. This condition occurs in 1 of every 56,000 births.

Endorsements for Where Would You Fly include Grace Nuth, Senior Editor of Faerie Magazine, and Dr. Veronica Wain, award-winning filmmaker, academic, author and disability advocate.

Grace Nuth states, “Although all of us who love fairies understand that children, with their vivid imaginations, are closer to magic than any of us, we all yearn to retain that childlike sense of wonder. Lillian Darnell’s writings are a welcome reminder of what is possible when you dream big, and accept no limitations.”

Dr. Veronica Wain states, “Let your imagination be taken away with Lillian Darnell’s writings and allow yourself to be transported to places where anything is possible with love, joy and a touch of inspiration. This collection is born from a young woman with a unique perspective on how our world could be – immerse yourself and come, see the world through Lillian’s eyes.”

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Lillian Darnell is a homeschooled Nevada-based teenager who volunteers at the South Valleys Library once per week and who also has a chromosome deletion. Her book, Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories, was published in January, 2018. The book offers Darnell’s radiant imagination as you leave this reality behind and enter enchanted lands awash in mysteries, happy endings, adventures, and inspiration.